What are the chances that prostate cancer will return after surgery?

A new imaging technology forecasts the likelihood of recurrence. Outcomes after prostate cancer surgery can vary: in some men the cancer never returns, while in others it does. Doctors try to gauge the odds of recurrence by evaluating certain types of clinical information. For instance, if a man’s biopsy results reveal highly aggressive cancer, then […]

When therapeutic touch isn’t healing

If you’re a trauma survivor or dislike physical touch, health care visits may be hard. Physical touch has long been linked to the healing process of medicine. During physical exams, the laying on of hands — broadly known as therapeutic touch — offers many clues to help health practitioners decide on the best course of […]

5 skills teens need in life — and how to encourage them

All parents want their children to be successful in life — and by successful, we mean not just having a good job and a good income, but also being happy. And all parents wonder how they can make that happen. According to Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child, it’s less about grades and extracurricular activities, […]

The case of the bad placebo

While studies sometimes reach faulty conclusions, researchers can help correct the record. When it comes to clinical research, the most powerful type of study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. But even a well-designed trial can arrive at questionable conclusions. Recent follow-up on a 2019 cardiovascular study dubbed REDUCE-IT is one example that offers a […]

Postpartum anxiety is invisible, but common and treatable

The wait is finally over: after 40 weeks of medical appointments, nursery planning, and anticipation, your baby has finally arrived. She is perfect in your eyes, healthy and adorable. Yet over the next few weeks, your initial joy is replaced by all-consuming worries: Is she feeding enough? Why is she crying so often? Is something […]

Ready to learn CPR?

Recent events underscore the importance of knowing how to do lifesaving CPR. The collapse on the football field of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin following a hard hit to his chest brought emergency responders running to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to help restart his heart, which had stopped beating. When a heart stops beating (cardiac […]

Motorcycle rallies and organ donation: A curious connection

A study finds that accidents at large motorcycle rallies lead to increased organ donations. It’s an old and morbid joke, particularly apt in hospital emergency rooms: What do you call someone on a motorcycle speeding past you on the freeway? An organ donor. It’s not funny, of course. But that sad, dark humor appears to […]

Is pregnancy safe for everyone?

Pregnancy is often painted as a time of elation and joy, emotions many people may indeed feel. As doctors, though, it’s hard to ignore the health risks and the fears that can arise in the wake of a positive pregnancy test for some of our most vulnerable patients. Simply being pregnant poses significant short-term and […]

Winter hiking: Magical or miserable?

How to safely explore the joys of winter hiking. By midwinter, our urge to hibernate can start to feel constricting instead of cozy. What better antidote to being cooped up indoors than a bracing hike in the crisp air outdoors? Winter backdrops are stark, serene, and often stunning. With fewer people on the trail, you […]

Low-carb diet helps cut blood sugar levels in people with prediabetes

Several health measures — including blood glucose levels and weight — improved. For most people, there’s no single healthy way to eat, though there are healthy foods and eating patterns. Yet for people with prediabetes, a low-carb diet could quickly bring elevated A1C levels back to a healthier range, a trial published in JAMA Network […]